About M.E.

On hiatus while I finish my latest book. Happy reading and writing everyone.


Me and my two greatest achievements.

In short, this blog is a time-killer for me (tempus effing fugit), a way to advertise what I do (gotta’ make a living) and an outlet to the writing community at-large (those of us lurking around the internets).

Now to the niceties:

Once upon a time I went to school to craft my writing skills, but I wanted a little more from my expensive education than ‘just writing classes’ so I have an MA from New York University. They liked what I did and even gave me the Herbert Rubin Creative Writing Award when I was an undergrad there. The story that garnered that award, Carmen Jane Doesn’t Work at the A&P, was then published in the Gallatin Review. Along with graduate classes in short fiction, I studied playwriting (wrote and produced a two-act at The Jane Street Theatre in New York and was accepted into the Dallas Playwrights Workshop at the Dallas Theater Center–but then we moved to Boston), screenwriting and the pre-medical sciences (I was a bit overly ambitious).

Since then, I got married and raised two sons (a real resume killer despite giving society two well-brought up, thinking and kind individuals–you’re welcome world!), taught private school, founded a non-profit (now closed), worked in the food business (fun, but don’t ask) and wrote.

You can email me, margaret@mewelman.com with your enquiries.


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